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There may be a point in an individual's life where - sadly - their mental coherency and their ability to make safe and rational decisions on their own is compromised.  It can be due, not only to age but, to a variety of other afflictions or conditions.  This is when the legal process of guardianship may be appropriate to help that individual. 


Additionally, minors (under 18 years-of-age) are not yet considered to have capacity to make certain decisions independently.  Therefore, there are times when, for example, they may be entitles to a certain amount of money and a Guardian needs to be appointed officially by the court to protect the funds.  Also, a minor may need to sign an entertainment services contract, for instance,  or other legal  agreement and such transaction needs to be approved by the court.


Our office has been handling cases similar to the above for over 10 years.

The legal process of administering the property and all assets of a deceased loved one can be referred to as probate administration. Sometimes a will or other planning document(s) is/are left behind indicating the person's wishes. Other times, there are no such documents and the laws of "intestacy" are invoked. Either way, our office can help you navigate this complex and often nuanced process.


We also help families or individuals draft advanced directives such as durable power of attorney documents, living wills, health care surrogate designations, wills and more. These are all tools an individual can use to assure their wishes are known while they are alive and well. They also enable the individual to designate another trusted person(s) to make vital decisions on their behalf.


While a handshake may be noble, it does not protect a person's rights.

Within the entertainment law arena there are various documents and discussions that may be needed to clarify the roles and legal ownership - or lack thereof - of anyone who may contribute or become involved. These include drafting work-for-hire contracts, talent releases, licensing and non-disclosure agreements and more.


The owner of S.H., P.A., as a new media filmmaker herself, recognizes the value of protecting people's creative projects, endeavors, and business affairs through intellectual property protection legal tools. From copyright and trademark registration, to handling a potential infringement on same, our office can help creatives get a standing ovation in this department.


Filing for an endeavor to become a formal corporate business entity is often a wise decision. We assist with entity registration and formation documents.


Our office is also known for our thorough legal demand letters which help resolve problems at the initial stages. A succinct, well-written demand letter may prompt the adverse person or party to remedy the situation before a lawsuit is even necessary.


Effectively handling contract disputes as well as landlord /tenant issues are also included in our array of services.


Other legal services, advise, and documents may be available upon request.

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